Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comments Welcome (Signed)

I call this blog a "conversation" about things theological, and that's what I want (and hope) it to be. A conversation, however, is always three things:

(1) a first word rather than a final word. I never claim to tell you "all the truth," just "all the truth I know right now."
(2) a dialogue rather than a monologue. I learn more from my readers, I suspect, than they ever learn from me.
(3) a transparent discussion between myself and the reader(s), and that means that I must know with whom I'm speaking.

For that reason I do not post comments that are unsigned or anonymous (including clever pseudonyms). I really do welcome your comments; however, I only post comments from those who are willing to put their name to them.

Thanks for your understanding, and let the conversation continue.

1 comment:

kevin ferrell said...

I very much enjoy reading your blog. I find it intellectually stimulating as well as challenging--especially as a pastor-theologian as you put it in your last blog.

I always read, but seldom comment thinking that I don't really have much to contribute. Often, it would be more "preaching to the choir."

Please continue writing. I will continue reading and more importantly, reflecting upon my own ministry and calling her in Memphis, to God's chosen.

Thanks again,

Kevin F.